The Resplendent Quetzal Welcomes You!

The most amazing bird of the Americas welcomes to the highlands of Costa Rica. The most authentic and beautiful are of this fantastic country.

This is where this and other amazing birds live at… Pay a visit and get the sense of awe get you.


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Our Cabanas

All our rooms have a fantastic view, are surrounded by gorgeous nature, have a heater, extra blankets and hot showers.

Our Little Cabannas

Little Cabanas

These cabanas with amazing views have one double bed and one single bed, a heater, a table, two chairs  and hot water in the shower.

There are a couple of them that are closer to the restaurant, but mostly all are above and have great views.

Our new cabannas

The Double Cabanas

These rooms are double rooms with a little porch to see the view, and much closer to the parking area and the rain forest trails entrance.

They all have a double bed, a table, a little closet, a heater and a pair of chairs.

Our Family Cabannas

The Family Rooms

These rooms have two floors.

Downstairs there are two single rooms, separate hot shower and bathroom, a heater, extra blankets, a little closet and two chairs. On the upstairs there is one double bed and a single bed, a heater and extra blankets.

Our Package

The best rate to come for TWO nights and enjoy the forest, the lodge, the food, the fireplace and the usual gentleness of the Serrano Family.

Prices per person per night starts at $70 basic – $82 with dinner

To find out about our special season rates, discounts and promotions please write or call us!

Watching the Resplendent Quetzal is a magical experience… you see its iridescent feathers, its wavy flight and can understand… why these creatures were considered to be a representative of God. 

The Resplendent Quetzal is an astonishing sight… But, the setting to see it is as important as the bird itself. Being in a peaceful setting, where  the beauty of nature meets the beauty of humanity happens to be an ultimate amazing experience. 

This, happens in Mirador de Quetzales.   You will meet the Serrano Family. Transparent, a little naive, smiling, decent, honest, easy laughter, easy hugs. People that are willing to help, to make you have a wonderful stay in their farm and their house.

Staying with them and have a talk at the edge of their fireplace is a compulsory experience.. never mind if you don’t speak any Spanish… or that they  speak just a little English. Friendship is a universal language and…  That is what traveling is about… isn’t it? 

Enjoy, learn, laugh, wear a good jacket and feel the highlands rainforest among the quetzals, the buzzing of dozens of hummingbirds, and the kindness of the Serrano Family. 

Our Tours

Looking for the Quetzal, an amazing hiking

This is a walk to learn and to enjoy! 

It’s difficulty rate is not strenuous, however you do need to have a good physical condition. It is a walk to see birds, to see amazing huge and old trees, to see flowers and to breath in life! 

Minimum of 4 persons to run the tour. We made before breakfast or scheduled according to environmental charge-capacity





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